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wwf-tsunami-sm Buy Zithromax Online Without Prescription, The advertising and design worlds have been brimming with furor the past week over the revelation of a print ad produced by an arm of one of the world's highest money making global ad agencies for the world's largest conservation group. Zithromax for sale, The ad, created by DDB Brasil for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), buy Zithromax without a prescription, Where can i find Zithromax online, was run just once in a Brazilian newspaper to make it eligible for industry awards. It depicts dozens of commercial airliners on collision courses with Manhattan skyscrapers, purchase Zithromax online no prescription, Buy cheapest Zithromax, including the World Trade Center buildings. In small type in the corner is the well-known WWF panda logo with the message: "The Tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11, order Zithromax from mexican pharmacy. Buy generic Zithromax, The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it, Buy Zithromax Online Without Prescription. Preserve it."

Once the ad was outed by a blogger who found it among submissions for the One Show competition in New York (where it walked away with a merit award), purchase Zithromax online, Online buying Zithromax, DDB Brasil and the WWF were immediately assailed with outrage at  their insensitivity towards those affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This came from both the ad world as well as incredulous bloggers and twitterers who launched a hailstorm of "OMG"s and "WTF"s at the ad's creators, Zithromax pharmacy. Zithromax price, Needless to say, there was some quick damage control, where can i order Zithromax without prescription, Buy Zithromax in canada, apologizing and finger pointing, even amid more incriminating revelations, buy cheap Zithromax no rx, Australia, uk, us, usa, canada, mexico, india, craiglist, ebay, including a video version of the ad which was submitted to Cannes.

Many critics have pointed out the difference between an act of human cruelty and an act of nature. Buy Zithromax Online Without Prescription, Others have focused on the insensitivity of the ads. As far as I'm concerned, where can i buy Zithromax online, Where can i buy cheapest Zithromax online, any exploitation of these events by comparing their death tolls and the suggestion that some  tragedies are somehow more grave than others is deplorable. Comparing the lives lost due to Hurricane Katrina to the tsunami in this context would be just as reprehensible, rx free Zithromax. Zithromax from canadian pharmacy, Still, many of those in a huff over the ads, online buy Zithromax without a prescription, Buy Zithromax no prescription, as well as many of the advertising news sites and blogs, are missing a few big points here:

First, buy no prescription Zithromax online, Buy Zithromax online no prescription, the imagery, particularly in the video, Zithromax samples, Order Zithromax no prescription, is immensely powerful and effective. The initial shots of the two original planes hitting the World Trade Center succeed in evoking all the emotions and confusion many of us felt that day as we watched one horrific and unimaginable tragedy  compound into two, order Zithromax online c.o.d.

Second, the ads may accurately reflect some international perceptions about Americans' self importance and egocentrism, Buy Zithromax Online Without Prescription. Some reactions to the ads from outside the U.S. have been less vehement. Canadian advertising blog Great Ads states: "I will admit the idea is actually very good, but considering the nature of both events this might not go over to well here in North America."  British blog Brand Strategy: "The message of the ad, by DDB Brasil, is fair enough, although using 9/11 to make a point is a little tasteless and likely to cause offence in the US." Other, less reserved responses echoed the sentiments of this You Tuber from India: "There is just more than America with his [sic] 9/11 problem."

Third, and most importantly in some ways, despite everything, it's not an effective ad for the client. Neither the eye-grabbing imagery nor the fact that the tsunami did claim 100 times more victims than the 9/11 attacks connects to the WWF and their mission. The ad also fails to link the broader "protect the planet" environmental message to  9/11, the tsunami or the WWF. If the implication is that the tsunami was a result of global warming and the consequence of billions of humans on the planet, it's far too subtle and overpowered by the content of the ad.

According to Mark Wnek in an opinion piece on, the responsible creative team at DDB Brasil has been axed. Unfortunately, they were probably fired as scapegoats, not for turning in creative that was effective in all ways except the most important: delivering the client's message.

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